Diving With Great Whites

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150 miles off the coast of Ensenada, Baja California, you can find the island of "Guadalupe". This island is undoubtedly the best place on earth to dive with the Great White, not only for the high concentration of these predators, but also for the infinite visibility that the clear water offers.

The adventure begins in the port of Ensenada, where you can rent a live-aboard boat which will be necessary to spend the night at sea while navigating to the dive site.

After the long trip, you wake up pumped-up and full of adrenaline, ready to go face to face with one of the most lethal creatures in the planet. 

The diving cages are ready at 8 am and you can get in and out of the water as many times as you want until 5 pm.

Facing these animals is one of the most impressive experiences you can do in your life. As soon as you see a dark silhouette swimming in the infinite blue you instantly feel chills through your spine.

After three days of diving with them, we decided that it was not enough, but we are definitely returning next season.

Where: Isla Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico

When: June to September

Equipment:  Wetsuit (3 or 5 mm), mask, sunblock and a good book.

Perfect for: adrenaline junkies, outdoors lovers, wildlife admirers and old sea wolves


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