5 Summer Style Fails

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Just follow this guide to avoid making mistakes and look your best during summer:

1. Tank Tops

These were made to be worn beneath your clothes, it was originally conceived as underwear. Please only use these under a shirt or jacket, never by its own.

2. Not Wearing a Jacket

Invest in a light jacket or blazer, nobody wants to see your bulky sweaty shirt.


3. Way Too Tight Pants

Wearing a pair of super-tight pants will make your legs look like big uncooked frankfurters. Trust us, buy a pair in light cotton with a little room in the thigh.

4. Wearing the Wrong Sunglasses

Not all sunglasses are the same, buy a pair which suits your face. Aviators and Wayfarers are a safe bet.

5. Too Much Color

Just because it's summer it doesn't mean you can dress as a fruit salad. A bright pop here and there will look great.

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